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(i’ve been level grinding for weeks because my goal is to reach #1 overall globally at some point but all these cheaters are making me lose interest)


raise your hand if you want to help me reconstruct my art history thesis backwards



i have zero respect for people that accuse people with mental illness of “just being special snowflakes so they can get attention”

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A collection of quotes from men in the reboot Star Trek creative team, that will most likely make you cringe.

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can’t remember if i’ve seen this critique either, but it’s interesting that not only can barney only ~truly change for his own genetic material*~ and not for robin, but

number 31

she gets literally zero acknowledgement or credit

did she want the daughter? presumably, since barney initially didn’t, so what became of her? what happened to barney’s daughter?

jk she conveniently gets fridged too so that barney doesn’t have to deal with a relationship with a real woman and the writers, uh, i mean, ellie doesn’t have to deal with a split household, that would make the plot far too complicated

*i say this because he also immediately starts patronizing “girls” he used to hit on. that’s not telling at all of how superficial the writing was.

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what if

asexual characters

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A picture really is worth a thousand words…

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i now have burned the mix to a blank cd because itunes WENT BACK AND REPROTECTED ALL THE FILES I BOUGHT FROM THEM

i fucking hate itunes 11

who wants a cd because that is the only way this is happening apparently


I have made bad decisions all day and I can’t decide:

  • if i should try to go to sleep now because i didn’t sleep well last night and i have a headache and i’m tired
  • if i should try to pull an all-nighter and do the FINAL PROJECT I HAVEN’T REALLY STARTED YET because if I don’t work on it now i have a feeling i will stay up tomorrow
  • i don’t know i really don’t