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please don’t ask me how much time I spend thinking about how the metal arm attaches and how much scarring there is around it
lies down, thinks about life choices


please don’t ask me how much time I spend thinking about how the metal arm attaches and how much scarring there is around it

lies down, thinks about life choices

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Gandhi has been historically the most aggressive character in Civilization due to an original bug in the first game that caused him to go all-out once he reaches democracy. They just kept the thing going ever since.

To further explain this bug, because I was chatting with mothmonarch about Civilization and other strategy games last night and I never got around to explaining this fully, but I love this story:

Gandhi’s AI in the original game had its aggression set to the absolute minimum (0 on a scale of 0 to 10, I believe, I may have this wrong but the basic idea I’m about to explain is accurate, as far as I can tell). Adopting democracy lowers an AI civ’s aggression by 2 points, so when someone who is fully peaceful loses two points of aggression, they should still be nice and polite, right?

Except this is an old DOS game, and so computer math is in place. What actually happened was that Gandhi’s aggression level ticked backwards two steps, from 0 to 255On a scale of 0 to 10, Gandhi is now 255 points of pure nuclear rage.

And that’s the story as I recall it, but again I may have gotten some details wrong, so feel free to correct me! After that, as the original poster said, the devs loved the bug so much that they just kept it in as a running joke!

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Large sharks off Western Australia are now doing their part to keep surfers and swimmers safe–by sending tweets warning of their presence.

Scientists have fitted 320 sharks, many of them great whites, with transmitters that automatically issue warnings to the Surf Life Saving Western Australia’s Twitter feed when the tagged sharks approach within a kilometer of the coast’s popular beaches.

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Holy shit I can be twitter friends with a shark I love the future. 

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"What Tumblr did instead was to design a more thoughtful form of community engagement by requiring people to repost content in its original context rather than simply piping in an anonymous comment. According to Karp, this meant that people who had “put themselves out there” through a guitar performance or a poem were more likely to attract a sympathetic, encouraging community rather than trolls. He added that comments are “a second class feature” because a commentator is subsumed to a tiny text stream below the main piece of content. To foster engagement, Tumblr is instead choosing options like “Fan mail” which aspire to create more careful, thoughtful and elegant interactions."




If ever there was one imagine to encapsulate the entirety of the Windows 8 shitshow, this is that image.

Windows 8 is being rejected at such a scale that one of Microsoft’s largest partners is being forced to advertise the “return” of an older OS.

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Google’s Machine Learning Algorithms Outpacing Engineers’ Ability to Understand How they Work

“Google no longer understands how its “deep learning” decision-making computer systems have made themselves so good at recognizing things in photos.

What stunned [Google Software Engineer] Quoc V. Le is that the software has learned to pick out features in things like paper shredders that people can’t easily spot – you’ve seen one shredder, you’ve seen them all, practically. But not so for Google’s monster.

Many of Quoc’s pals had trouble identifying paper shredders when he showed them pictures of the machines, he said. The computer system has a greater success rate, and he isn’t quite sure how he could write a program to do this.

Google researchers can no longer explain exactly how the system has learned to spot certain objects, because the programming appears to think independently from its creators, and its complex cognitive processes are inscrutable. "

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All those gigantic server farms… they’ve accidentally exceeded the critical synapse number, haven’t they.

Life is stirring in the depths…


my favorite thing about this article:

<SKYNET DISCLAIMER> if Google ever needs to identify rebel human forces creeping through the smoking ruins of a bombed-out Silicon Valley </SKYNET DISCLAIMER>.

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In Japan, you can buy your phone a giant isopod to keep it company. Give it hugs and everything. Aww.

I will make it fit my phone. I do not care. I do not care. 


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I don’t even own an iphone 5 but I want to get this anyways just in case one day

I’m getting this. I just am.

Even without an iphone in it it’s just a really sweet little rubber sculpture you can put all kinds of places

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