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A Multi-Function Clip That Hides a Toolbox In Your Hair

Um yes!

I still want to bulk buy these and adonize  batch pink.

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"When I say “work”, I mean I want to be able to start typing on the screen, and if I feel like putting in a drawing, I draw on the screen. Or I bring something from my scanner onto the screen, or I send something from my screen to someone else. Or I get my Mac to play the tune I’ve just written on the screen on a synthesiser. […] What I’m talking about is the death of the “application.” I don’t mean just when they “unexpectedly” quit, I mean it’s time we simply got rid of them."


Douglas Adams, in an article in MacUser, 1989 (reproduced in The Salmon of Doubt, published in 2002)

Adams was such a huge fan of technology and of Apple in particular. I would have loved to get his take on today’s technology. I’m always a little sad when I think of this.

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Google is a Washington powerhouse that shapes federal law, rewards congressional allies and boasts a new 54,000-square-foot office, just down the road from the U.S. Capitol. But the Internet giant quietly has planted its political roots in places far beyond the Beltway — in state legislatures and city councils that have become hotbeds for tech policy fights.

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Hey everyone, just a reminder that yesterday the supreme court decided that its unconstitutional for the police to look through your phone unless they have a warrant, EVEN if you are placed under arrest.

HOWEVER, the police CAN search your phone without a warrant if given verbal consent and they AREN’T required to tell you that you can request that they get a warrant. It’s up to you to know your rights, so PLEASE PLEASE reblog this so we can spread the word!

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New Technology: The Bruise Suit

Here’s an interesting new product. It’s called the “bruise suit”, and it was designed by some students at the Imperial College of London. The purpose of the suit is to visually indicate that enough force has been applied to potentially cause injuries.


It was initially designed to help Paralympic athletes detect when they’ve encountered enough force to cause injuries that they are unable to feel. It uses a pressure-sensitive industrial film developed by Fuji that changes color based on the compressive force applied. It gets darker as the force increases. 

This product is currently in the concept phase, meaning that it will be some time before it hits the market. However, it’s a great idea that has implications for athletes playing contact sports and rescue professionals, to name a few. We’ll see how it develops!

I love when good tech and medicine come together.

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for those unexposed this is the default windows 8 splash screen. its really hard to figure out how to change it and its the ugliest picture ever. like this actually makes me physically angry every time i see it which is quite often. i fucking hate that gradient drippy-egg sun thing in the corner, and how its dripping translucent plasma onto some calligraphic black vector lines. i hate the stylized seattle or what the fuck ever thing that is, with these tiny round-edged grey dildo buildings which are like a third the size of those godawful gradient triangle trees. also theres this little thing on the field that looks almost exactly like a tiny water droplet and for weeks i kept thinking it was one and i would try to wipe it off. i want to know who created this, i want to know how much they were paid. i just want to know why

It looks like someone fucked up real bad in SimCity

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Technology then and now

at first i thought it was the same number then I noticed it said GB and damn

As one of the tech review magazines said a few years ago when the first 32 GB micro SD cards came out, “At last it is possible for a single human being to accidentally swallow all of the data collected by the Apollo Program.”

now that is a review

It’s 2014, you could swallow the data value of the library of alexandria at this point, hell give it enough time you can fart reading rainbows

I love the idea of technological progress being measured in terms of how much civilization one can accidentally eat.

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by the way did I ever tell y’all about the time I got a blank message from nobody, sent on new year’s eve in 1969, when the internet didn’t exist?

because that happened

What the fuck

Time travel.

Or maybe its from 2069, when we’ve developed the technology to send data to the past. You sent yourself a blank message as a test but as the email address you used to send it doesnt exist yet, it came up as no sender

I… what?


So back in the early days of computers, when we were trying to build clocks to keep all our computers in sync, we tried a bunch of different ways to synchronize them in ways that both normal people could use and programmers could utilize.

We just tried saying “The current time is THIS date” and just storing that date as some text, but while that was easy for humans, it was a bunch of different numbers that worked together in funny ways and computers don’t play nice with a bunch of random, arbitrary rules.

Not much worked, until we realized that we needed a BASELINE to compare against, and a way to represent the current time that covers everybody. So we came up with Unix time, because Unix was the style at the time. Essentially, Unix time represents any given time by saying “How many seconds ago was 12:00 AM on January 1, 1970 in Iceland somewhere?”. Recent enough to keep the numbers relatively small, far enough that nothing computer-y would fall before it, and consistent enough that there’d be no discrepancy based on where you are.

So what happens when you see the date “December 31, 1969” on a buggy message like this is that the computer received a bunch of zeroes by mistake and went “Oh, this must be a message!” Then when it tried to interpret it, it got to the date, found a zero, and said “Zero seconds since the Unix Epoch? I’ll round down - this was sent at the last second of New Year’s Eve, 1969! They’ll be so happy to finally get their blank message.”

And then the computer traipsed off on its merry way, because computers are fucking ridiculous.

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