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Everything happens so much. 

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  • Question: How would Fitzsimmons act around the science bros? And/or vice versa? - Anonymous
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AU where Tony and Bruce are actually Anna and Elsa, and Bruce isolates himself after a Hulk episode where he almost kills Tony, and Tony can’t understand why his friend doesn’t want to do *science anymore.

*it doesn’t have to be science

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A day in the life of Tony Stark (and Science) 

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Ten years down the road Tony is at a Science convention where he comes face to face with a young mechanical engineer. The young man says. “I’m Harley Keener. I don’t suppose you remember me, but we shared an adventure 10 years ago in Tennessee. You changed my life. I hope you don’t mind but ever since that night I have thought of you as the closest thing I ever had to a father.” 

Tony grins. “You’re trying to guilt trip me.”

The young man smiles. “It was worth a try.”

They laugh, and Tony buys Harley a beer and asks him about his work and later Tony quietly makes sure that Harley’s project gets the funding it needs. The same way he made sure that Harley got into a good college and had the right scholarships. Because Harley saved him when he had no one(and maybe, just maybe because if only for that one night Harley was the closest Tony ever came to having a son.)



No seriously guys, hear me out. Tony isn’t getting any younger, and unlike most heroes, he can pass on his wisdom, skills, and tech to someone else. Of all the heroes, Tony needs a protege the most. Someone to fill suit when he’s dead or retired, and as sad as it may be, RDJ is going to have to stop making Iron Man movies, and who better to replace him than this kid? Not a new actor to play Tony (there can never be a better Tony) but an established character who Tony can start training after the events of Iron Man 3. Okay, rant over

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Night Vale/IM3 mashup inspired by Bruce’s SHORN LOCKS in the IM3 post credits scene. 

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Jaegercon Bingo: K - Science & Neural Bridge (Free Space)

National Geographic issues from the Pacific Rim universe 

Reblogging because I LIVE for really good alternate-universe pop culture.



so basically, if newt and hermann ever get to pilot a jaeger, it’s gonna need to look like a kaiju. fact.

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the most ridiculous fight newt and hermann have ever gotten in was when newt greeted hermann, “doctor,” with a nod but he did in an ironic way so hermann sneered back, “doctor,” and two minutes later stacker walked in and they were just hollering “DOCTOR!” “DOCTOR!" at each other in increasingly snotty imitations and it was embarrassing for everyone involved

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