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river song meme: seven episodes [2&3/7]
     ↳ A Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone: “I’m going to be a professor some day, am I? How exciting! Spoilers.”

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I am the worst kind of nerd.

The doctor and his companion visit the Quentulus Quazgar Mountains.

i quote honestly expected that to be the translation.

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Under-appreciated River/Doctor moments:

Discovering the angels: River is shown once again to be literally on the same page as the Doctor, cleverness wise. Not only is it meant to illustrate to us the audience that she is his equal, the Doctor looks to her and understands that she is on that same page with him. He talks only to her in this moment - knowing that she fully  understands the danger they’re in, because he knows she was clever enough to figure it out. He’s never treated her like anything but an equal - even in the earliest days.

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  • Plot twist: right before they announce who the new Doctor is, Alex Kingston jumps on stage and yells "SPOILERS"
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my parents named their kid after me


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‘what the fuck is personal space: a novel’

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