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Art Nouveau Doors <3

(Photos uncredited as I collected them on my hard-drive a long time ago!)


Guh indeed. 

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"In the new one they’ve given me Africa to do, and of course I’m doing it with all fjords. I like to think it gives a nice baroque feel."


—Slartibartfast, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

(I’m going to have to find an opportunity to drop this in a design discussion and see if I can get any reaction.) (I might have paraphrased this a bit.)


(I’m keeping it spoiler-free, only mostly obtuse references for people who haven’t read/seen it because I do recommend them.)

I thought it was very good. Unfortunately I think it moved too fast because I felt like even the third book and to some extent the second were over-summarized to the point that I felt like they were missing a few critical plot-connecting pieces (and certain characters deserved more explanation). When you trim that down into a movie where every detail is so crucial already, I think it only exaggerates that. Especially when that story is a first-person narrative, and you are suddenly not narrating the movie. Now you have to express every complicated thought through subdued facial movements. I thought they did fine but it was still missing a lot.

I honestly expected much more ornamentation and over-the-top craziness from the Capitol, both in terms of costumes and sets. I think all the art deco and modernism doesn’t quite fit in with the idea of people who are extremely wasteful and living lives of complete luxury and expense. The point is to be extreme to the point of tacky, because they have literally no sense of perspective of the poverty outside. THINK LOUIS XIV! PRIME EXAMPLE! (Frankly, I was picturing rather neo-victorian finely decorated/fringed/filigreed things, but neo-rococo or neo-baroque could have been good, too.) In a similar regard I expected a lot more warm tones in the capitol… all the blue colorization was too harsh IMO.

The, ah, “finale”? What happened there? Kind of a design-concept mess, again, just my opinion.

Good things: the fire suits and Caesar. Woody Harrelson was great as Haymitch but it’s not exactly how I pictured him, same goes for the announcer.

Surprise excellence: THE FUCKING CORNUCOPIA. Reading the books I’m just like “are they seriously dropping a giant brass basket in the middle of a fucking field, that’s some tacky pastiche shit” and all of a sudden it’s just like BAM FRANK GEHRY UP IN THIS BITCH, thank you jesus. Ironically I’ve seen several complaints about that, but you will get nothing but praise from this architecture/production design student. 

The leading cast is fabulous, I faintly recognized them but not enough to recognize their other work so I went trawling imdb, and now I feel like an old creeper granny because I am older than all of them. (Yay for more accurate casting I guess?)

Ahahaha… aaaagh.






St. Patrick’s Eyes and Lips of Gold | Faineemae

This is my entry for the Coastal Scents St. Patrick’s Day Make-up Contest. If you want to support me, click here and like their page then like my photo! :)

Disclaimer: This is in no way mocking the Irish culture nor is my attention to appropriate it. This is not a costume in anyway, shape or form. This is simply expressing the holiday of St. Patrick’s day and I deeply apologize if anyone is offended. 

This is amazing omg.

Go vote for her guyss. 

Ainee is a boss.


Perfect timing of this showing up on my dash with what I just posted… 

I’m pretty sure this is more legitimately Irish than 99% of the shit that will go down today.

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An Art Deco Lalique hood ornament, part of a collection being auctioned at RM Auctions tomorrow.  (via nytimes)

Lalique! <3

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