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  • Tumblr: we're so smart intellectual not like those idiots on Facebook no were so smart college kids science and big words we read books
  • Tumblr: omg did u no u can get infinite chocolate whenu cut it a certain way dd u know girls w/ purple eyes never have to shave or get perids did u know spiders will bite u in te butt on toilets lol it's true I read it on the Internet
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Today’s Gender of the Day is: snoods

jesus. CHRIST

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If you are an artist, when you get stuck, draw bigger and on tracing paper when you are stuck. Consider this manual photoshop. Use scissors, trace, refine.

If you are a writer, when you get stuck, get a pad of paper and at least two colors of pen that contrast. When you get stuck, use your “replace this with actual language later” color. Just write what you want to say. “Make angry hero cry as villain drinks amazing latte. Figure out words later.”

If you get stuck in life, clean up your area and think about how big, and how small, the universe is. Either direction is practically infinite, suspending you in the middle.

If you are fey, remember when you weren’t. It will build compassion when you deal with mortals.

If you are a potato, please advise us how you use the Internet. We have so many questions, sentient spud bud.

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Scott Gelber
Unknown (Skeleton Catching E-Mail from Grave), c.1990/2013

This is a re-creation of my favorite early-internet GIF.
If you have any information on it, I’d love to hear about it.

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as you can see class, we have come full circle back to pre-irony, or what memeologists refer to as Genuine Enjoyment

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Guys, I swear I had good intentions starting out.

I was thinking “Man, you know what we need? We need motivational werewolves.  Because really, people area awesome, and don’t know it, and no one would argue with a werewolf trying to motivate you.”

Then I realized “And if a werewolf was dishing out compliments, It would comment on how nice you smelled!”  And this was a good idea.  I plan on redoing this sometime along with some companion pieces.  It’s not the best, but good. 

But then everything went wrong when I started drawing, and then, I had the horrible, awful, abysmal thought: “And I could draw it sort of in the style of Lisa Frank.  The art of my childhood.  Yesssssssssss.” 

And… and I did this.

This happened.

I’m sorry.

OMG let me tell you guys a story.

I was out one day and at a coffee shop after running errands prework.

This enormous Super Metal Viking looking Mother fucker who is scowling like he is about to lay waste to Lower Queen Anne walks by me, (I was outside) stops, backs up and stares down at me.

I was feeling like maybe he was about to do something good and then he yelled in this big ass bass voice,


Then stomped away.

I think he was a motivational werewolf because I was feeling gross and ugly and upset that day and that moment made everything okay.


Thank you for making this OP and letting me remember.

This is my favorite story ever. 

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"All I try to do is to realise the man I’m playing fully, then put as much into my acting as I know how. To do it, I draw upon all that I’ve ever known, heard, seen or remember."
- James Cagney

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i can’t believe we live in a world where someone on tumblr can call chris evans a dorito in the tags of some post and have it circulate so widely that robert downey jr calls him that often enough that chris evans gets the joke behind it.

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i forgot that i ponified calories to “dragon balls” when i ponified dragon to “big baby” so now calories are ponified to “big baby balls” and i don’t know what to do


i’m never gonna remember what this post was about

It was about actions having consequences.

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today this guy told me that my dress made my ass look fat (he sad it as a 'compliment') and obviously since it was 8:30 I was too tired for that shit and I replied with 'saying my ass is fat wont make your dick any bigger' and when he tried to defend himself saying his dick was big enough I told him that it doesn’t count if he shoved two thirds of it in his personality and he just looked at me completely defenseless AND BASICALLY I STOLE THAT LINE FROM HERE BUT I SLAYED

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