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"…trolling used to be pretty funny and almost entirely harmless. Trolling, despite the modern usage, does not mean “the act of pissing somebody off and laughing about their anger.” It is “the act of pissing somebody off BASED ON SOMETHING COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS and laughing about their MISPLACED anger.” It isn’t considered trolling to leave a comment full of racial epithets and laugh when people “don’t get it.” It is trolling if you leave a comment insisting on the wrong information about something irrelevant – how many runes are on a Stargate, for example (everybody knows its 12) – and wait for the ONE guy that just can’t let the transgression pass. If you start a fake fight with Prof. Stargate, dragging him deeper and deeper until hopefully, finally, even he has to stop and think “wait a minute, this is ridiculous,” that is trolling. That’s the difference: No actual harm is caused, and even the victim can eventually get in on the joke. “Trolling” isn’t referring to hiding behind a fortification and trying to hurt people like the mythical creature. It’s referring to the style of fishing – you drag bait across the bottom hoping to get a rare bite. It’s not ‘bait’ if you’re earnestly spouting your misogynistic beliefs and somebody gets upset. There’s nothing funny about entirely justified anger."

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instead of spending 17000 dollars on dashcon let’s spend 17000 dollars on a remake of The Producers about the events of DashCon


"You know, it’s absolutely amazing! Under the right circumstances, a conrunner could make more money with a flop then he could with a hit!"


"Yes, you keep saying that, but you don’t say how.


"Well, it’s simply a matter of creative accounting."


"So in order for our scheme to work, we’d have to create a surefire flop!"


"Step 1! We find the worst userbase ever assembled."


"Step 2! We hire the worst staffers in town!"


"Step 3! I raise $17,000!"




"Yes! $8500 for me, $8500 for you. There’s a lotta gullible 12-year-olds out there!"


"Step 4! We hire the worst panelists in town and open in Illinois, and before you can say ‘Step 5…’"


"We close in Illinois, take our $17,000, and go to Rio!”


~We can do it~

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shouts to all the band kids who worked really hard to master an instrument in high school and double shouts to the ones who wore goofy outfits and did it in choreographed steps like seriously that sounds outrageously difficult like poaching a perfect egg but yeah denny’s has yr backs and you’re welcome in our humble diners after any and every recital, concert, home game, et al. 

you be careful dennys cuz there’s nothing quite like 50 band kids showing up at like 1130pm

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you are the dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen.

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Potato Salad

i’m so confused right now



hey 4chan, sending that person free tampons was fucking offensive. This is why I need feminism.

here is a list of things that trigger me

  • Playstation 4
  • a Cheesecake Factory giftcard
  • a Steam giftcard
  • Calculus II by Ron Larson, Robert P. Hostetler and Bruce H. Edwards
  • clothes designed by Rick Owens in a size 8

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"this is the internet, i can say whatever i want" is a super creepy and obvious way to say "when there are no obvious consequences for my actions i lack all empathy"

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Yo, this is more than just disgusting, it’s illegal. It’s against the law to alter and distribute personal pictures without their permission; and it’s especially against the fucking law to create false porn with it. That’s slander, defamation, libel; whatever you want to call it. Not only that, but to release their private information? They should be going to jail for this

And they can, if the pictures they take are of minors. And you know that some of them will be; people as young as 13 use this website. You don’t have to be much smarter than a 4channer to understand that making porn of an underage person is bad fucking news.

Here’s what you can do:

Leave a tip about this to the fbi. Provide screencaps like this one as evidence. You have to put in your personal info, but it’s no more than having to fill out a survey. It’s worth it; and they already have that info anyway.

Report it to inhope.

Report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Illegal content report hotline.

Some resources for people who’s pictures have been taken/photoshopped, or people who have been doxxed.

How to remove libelous information online.

Info on the Defamation Removal Law.

Legal guide to defamation.

Some more info on your rights.

Legal resources.

Please remember to also strongly encourage tumblr itself to take swift actions against this. Their users are in danger; they owe it to us to protect us. Contact them at or and tell them what is happening, asap.

Please, spread this around, and ask your followers to do the same. If you have sideblogs, put this there, too. Feel free to also make similar posts to this one and put them in as many tags as possible. eople need to know what they can do to protect themselves.

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