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In case anyone wanted to know what a lightening strike can do to the body- given that they survive.


I’ve reblogged this before but I didn’t know it was from a lightning strike. That’s insane.



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caligula had anime eyes

wait romans painted their marble sculptures

it looks like a cheap theme park ride mascot


here’s a statue of Augustus

and here’s a reproduction of the statue with the colors restored 

i honestly think that what we consider the height of sculpture in all of Western civilization being essentially the leftover templates of gaudy pieces of theme park shit to be evidence of the potential merit of found art

"I tried coloring it and then I ruined it"

And you know what the funniest part is? The paint didn’t just wear off over time. A bunch of asshole British historians back in the Victorian era actually went around scrubbing the remaining paint off of Greek and Roman statues - often destroying the fine details of the carving in the process - because the bright colours didn’t fit the dignified image they wished to present of the the cultures they claimed to be heirs to. This process also removed visible evidence of the fact that at least some of the statues thus stripped of paint had originally depicted non-white individuals.

Whenever you look at a Roman statue with a bare marble face, you’re looking at the face of imperialist historical revisionism.

(The missing noses on a lot of Egyptian statues are a similar deal. It’s not that the ancient Egyptians made statues with strangely fragile noses. Many Victorian archaeologists had a habit of chipping the noses off of the statues they brought back, then claiming that they’d found them that way - because with the noses intact, it was too obvious that the statues were meant to depict individuals of black African descent.)

Any source on that last post? Everything I’ve ever read has said that their attempts to clean them did damage a lot of particulates that could be studied today for color analysis, but not that there was anything particularly visible there for them to destroy with intention.

For example, classical sculpture was being represented as all-white by the time the Renaissance rolled around (The School of Athens, Raphael, 1509):

Just a single example but potentially a very appropriate one in that it highlighted many of the “great classic minds” that the Renaissance aspired to (and whose faces were painted in to stand for those historical figures).

Which is certainly way before the Victorian era, although there’s still a millenium in there in which some group could have whitewashed antique marbles (i.e. 500-1500 CE).

I’m not much of a classisist researcher when it comes to art history so I’d appreciate it if anyone could share more specifics about this.

(That being said, as an actual theme park designer who gets shat on all the time by holier-than-thou architects, these sculptures’ colors are a particular point of enjoyment for me.)

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A Toilet-Like Vortex of Bad Astronomy

Bad is getting science wrong. Worse is getting science wrong because of mystical woo. Worstest is having that bad science go viral. The video discussed below has been featured on big sites like and I Love Charts, which shows how fast this stuff can spread.

In the case of the “solar system as a vortex” videos, we have reached the darkest, worstest timeline. But science is here to help. Phil Plait has debunked this in gloriously gory detail, so please, please go read that. And stop sharing this bad science. Share this instead.

First of all, that’s a helix, not a vortex. But that doesn’t matter. The planets do not trail behind the sun. It’s simply not based in reality. You can easily test this just by keeping track of the planets in the sky, and tens of thousands of people have done this throughout history.

In a second video, the creator shows the planets orbiting a moving sun like a rotating drill bit. This is not the case. The solar system is indeed tipped 60˚ with respect to the galaxy. But sometimes planets are ahead of the sun and sometimes they are behind the sun. Also, the solar system does bob up and down across the galactic plane, but only once every 64 million years (this is due to the disk’s internal gravity, because it’s made of stuff). Much like a wobbling top, the Earth will “wobble” in its rotation around every 26,000 years (Google “procession” for more), but this has nothing to do with the claims of the video (although it is why the North Star won’t always be in the north).

Much like how if I am walking forward at 3 mph on a train going 70 mph, I am not going 73 mph. I am going 3 mph, just in a different frame of reference. The speed of our solar wind pushing outward on intergalactic space is much higher than the speed we are traveling around the galaxy, and there’s no reason to think that all that out there is going to affect us in here.

DJ Sadhu, who sadly spins lies rather than records, explains why someone would want to make all this up on his site. Enter at your own risk. Basically it’s an appeal for a model that doesn’t have us returning to the same place every year. That might sound spiritually superior, but it’s also BS. TIme moves forward, the planets and the sun move in predictable, well-studied patterns, and regardless of our position in the galaxy, the years are ours to make different. And we do a pretty good job of that without videos like this.

It kind of sucks that all it takes to spread BS is a few weeks with 3D animation software and an internet connection, but hey … it can be a force for good as much as it is bad. Now commence getting this post a bazillion notes, or else the vortex will get us all.

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Photo Set


I’m sure the top gif most of you recognize. It’s very cool and mind blowing. Unfortunately it isn’t terribly accurate. The person that made it used information from a source who believes there are lizard people controlling the world. 

No, seriously.

It’s always disappointing when you think you’ve learned something cool and then you find out you were given bad information. Getting that sense of pride from acquiring more knowledge and then having it yanked from your squishy organic database.

The main problem with the first gif is that the sun does not lead all the planets like a dog-walker lugging pups in tow. Our little solar system is actually tilted back 60 degrees as shown in the second gif. Sometimes planets are in front of the sun. Sometimes behind.

I don’t feel too duped by this. As far as bad information goes, a 60 degree tilt is certainly not the most egregious error I’ve encountered on the internet. But I do wish there was an animation that was just as cool with an accurate depiction. The one I found kind of makes me nauseous. 

There are some other issues with the video this was gif’d from and some other videos that were made in followup. If you want to read some good science and qualified debunking of this swirly gif and those videos, you can check out Phil Plait’s article here.

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when my family went to disney world we went on the haunted mansion ride and this actor dressed as a skeleton came up to our cart and got right in my three year old brothers face and whispered “are you scared?” and my brother kissed him on the nose and the guy laughed so hard he had to leave

i sigh so much when i see this because there isn’t live actors on this ride. why do people make posts up for notes.

Whaaaaat? You mean those mirrors at the end aren’t real ghosts??? What have I been beating up this entire time?

I KNOW. i was so shocked that disney too lazy to hire ACTUAL GHOSTS. unbelievable.

This is just unacceptable. I think we need to start a petition.

Thank god someone realizes that this post is fake. I roll my eyes out of my head every time I see it.

So i reblogged this post before in my “how do you snopes” tag because Haunted Mansion is, indeed, all animatronics. However, I was speaking with an Imagineer recently who said that a couple of years ago — I believe at Disneyland and not Disney World— they did try an update where they added actors (with the suits of armor). However it was very shortly lived (months or even weeks) because it was deemed too scary (actors banging on the buggies and such) and didn’t really fit the attraction.

So this isn’t entirely implausible (although, iirc, wrong park still for the OP).

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“In 1921, early suffragettes often donned a bathing suit and ate pizza in large groups to annoy men…it was a custom at the time”

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Great picture but completely made-up caption.  The “early suffrage” movement was in the nineteenth century, you guys. This picture has come up several times on my dash today and it’s great, but I wanted to investigate the caption.  First of all, the Facebook of someone’s Etsy shop is not a credible historical source.  Secondly, women got the right to vote in the United States a year earlier than the 1921 date of this photo, on August 18, 1920.

A Google Image search later and I have some other information:

  • From the blog of historian Erin Molloy, A Usable Past:  ”July 31, 1921. Washington, D.C. “Pie eating contest at Tidal Basin bathing beach.” In the back row: the blurry but unmistakable facial contours of Iola Swinnerton. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.” 
  • You can view the original scan of the photo at Shorpy Historical Photo Archive.  In the higher-res image you can see that the ladies are eating pie, not pizza.
  • Iola Swinnerton is in another great picture here.  From what I can tell, she was a competitor in several DC beauty pageants in this time period.
  • The National Photo Company Collection of glass negatives is housed at the Library of Congress.

The story about the suffragettes doing a sort of 1920s Slut Walk is a nice idea, but it’s not true.  Or, at least, it’s not what’s happening in this picture.  Sorry to be a buzzkill, but let’s appreciate this image for what it is and the story it really tells.

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  • Tumblr: we're so smart intellectual not like those idiots on Facebook no were so smart college kids science and big words we read books
  • Tumblr: omg did u no u can get infinite chocolate whenu cut it a certain way dd u know girls w/ purple eyes never have to shave or get perids did u know spiders will bite u in te butt on toilets lol it's true I read it on the Internet
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Reposting this image with my original commentary edited next to it so that it cannot be easily removed anymore. I do not want to be associated with this comic without my two cents. Once again, fuck the asshole who deleted my commentary. It probably won’t get 12,000+ notes like the last one did, but I don’t care.

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Kind of like lava lamps but better! These jellyfish are real. They have died of natural causes, been harvested by these lamp makers, frozen in liquid nitrogen and encased in crystalline epoxy. They glow in the dark, due to the jellyfishes’ natural bioluminescence.

- messynessychic

it is my duty to reblog everything involving bioluminescence

finally, my room can look like blackreach

I have one of these in my room! 

No, these are glass sculptures. While the designs may be based on real jellyfish, they are not once-living specimens, nor are they encased in epoxy. In addition, I am not a biologist but wouldn’t bioluminesence require something to be alive to continue to create light? Light is energy and doesn’t just come out of nowhere, it was to be produced. These are glass sculptures made with UV-reactive colored glass.

Also the BBB has them with an F rating. So. Caveat emptor.

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