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Halfway through explaining to requiodile how they’d done the arm prop for TWS I realised I was quoting info from the artbook that I hadn’t seen on Tumblr. So here you go!

"What the directors described was an arm almost beyond what Tony Stark could do now, the highest tech possible, so whoever had replaced Winter Soldier’s arm was beyond what even our main technological hero of the Marvel Universe could accomplish," Meinerding says. "That allowed us to go with the horizontal cut lines across the arm, something fairly traditional in the Marvel Universe, so it was kind of cool to be able to do it on-screen."

Shane Mahan, Physical Suit Effects Supervisor at Legacy Effects, describes the process of creating the Winter Soldier’s arm from a life-cast of actor Sebastian Stan: “First, we do an exact mold of the actor’s arm for the size and the dimension, and then we do a casting out of that. But we also took him to get a 3-D scan of his arm, so we had digital information as well as a hard, real-world casting to work from. We took the designs from Ryan Meinerding’s design team, and then one of our digital artists here — Won-il Song — created a digital sculpture.”

"I designed this to be a seamless forearm piece," Mahan continues. "And after the digital sculpture has been done, and the part has been grown and cleaned up, it matches up to a bicep piece. One of our artists, Chris Swift, is pictured testing it."

Legacy created two versions of the Winter Soldier’s arm. “We made one from foam rubber with tracking markers on it for extreme action,” Mahan says. “And then there were these arms made of urethane that were metalized and had less action mobility, but for certain shots looked reflective and really great.”

More scans etc. here.

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bucky barnes | winter soldier 

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Boba Fett’s armor was originally white.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

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  • Question: Also, regarding having stupid amounts of fabric in your clothing being a display of wealth, I'd been taught that that was part of why the slash-and-puff technique became such a fad among nobles. Not only did it make you a bigger, more imposing figure, but it also shouted, "I'm so rich I can just cut up this fabric without caring. Also underneath my fabric is MORE FABRIC! Suck it, peasants!" - sputnik-sweetheart-888
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    Yes, and also this is too funny not to publish.

    You literally cannot read this without picturing Henry VIII.


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The beautiful & talented Iris cosplaying as what she called a “Totoro-inspired Ball Gown.” What an amazing concept!

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alice in wonderland/through the looking glass is one of those things u just want to make revamps of (very loosely based on the original tbh)


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and here’s a dress from 1928 designed by the boué sisters aka an actual fairy dress for an actual fairy

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A Death Metal Magical girl to go along with my viking ladies [x] [x]

Despite the fact that my original viking magical girl was me sharing some personal feelings about how I feel about my favourite genre of music, I got of bizarre hate or at least a bunch of people getting super snotty at me about that Valkyrie Yuuki comic existing already. Because hoW DARE I do my own version dealing with my own personal feelings about how I feel. 

So since viking/pagan/folk metal is where I got when in a good mood, death metal is where I go when I’m pissed. So I like this idea of these magical girl being the cavalry that gets called in when she gets tough. She’s fly in when she hears someone talking shit, spit blood in their face and then deliver the heads of her enemies to the feet of all our lovely viking girls.

[tagging for blood and gore. Let me know if I need to cover any more tags] 

I’m just pointing with my mouth open in joy.


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if I had a nickel for every time someone said they didn’t “get” my series and that it was stupid, hooboy

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