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I don’t want 1 Black Widow movie, I want 10000

"average movie watcher desires 0 Black Widow movies per year" factoid actualy just statistical error. average person desires 2-3 Black Widow movies per year. Hollywood Georg, who lives in cave & cancels over 10,000 Black Widow scripts each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

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show marvel your appreciation for natasha and how much you’d love a movie by sending them a box of black widow spiders

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less of natasha being an emotionally cold, super scary spy and more about her being a secret troll and epic dork please

that "shall we play a game?" reference, and awkwardly trying to explain her own joke

she uses emoticons to text steve about OFFICIAL SRS BUSINES ;DDD

i bet steve’s “disguise” came out of her own closet, because while natasha wears super sleek leather stuff to maintain her ””image””, left to her own devices she totally rocks the middle school emo look. complete with plastic lens-less hipster glasses because SHE LIKES THE WAY SHE LOOKS WITH GLASSES OKAY IT’S NOT A CRIME

she’s probably told the smithsonian/fossil joke so many times. every time she picks steve up. she thinks she’s hiLARIOUS, and steve’s like, omg you’re such a white suburban dad get away from me

(clint’s like, i’m hungry

hi hungry, i’m natasha, natasha says, and throws a pretzel into his mouth)

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I feel Marvel’s gonna drop the Black Widow movie with no promo, no anything, just like the Beyoncé album and it’s gonna make 2 billion dollars

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people realize that the MCU and 616 aren’t the same thing and relationships will be different because characters are starting at different times and in different points of their lives, right??

which is to say natasha and steve being buddies in cap 2 makes complete and utter perfect sense if you factor in the fact that

-cap was only awake for a couple of months before the events of avengers

-natasha and cap, due to their similar fighting styles and Not Die requirements, spent the majority of the biggest battle of either of their lives, and the biggest threat in either of their lives, fighting together and having each other’s backs. alongside tony, hawkeye (that’s a laugh), bruce and thor of course.

-that builds a degree of “shared life experience” that is hard to beat when regular life is low-grade (as respect to ALIEN INVASION) terrorism and shield paper work.

-and considering tony’s got his life, thor’s got like, the realms or whatever, bruce wants to GTFO from populated areas and also shield and hawkeye (ahahahaha) is probably recuperating from being loki-jacked somewhere, it kind of leaves “people steve knows in the present” and “people steve basically trusts” column pretty damn lopsided.

-AND considering Natasha is part of SHIELD which Steve is a part of because of Peggy, they’re coworkers with the most experience and innate trust (yo you know how steve was in the army and puts a lot of weight with the people that fight alongside you? what do you think natasha is??) it kind of makes…

perfect sense that Natasha, despite their differing world views, is the closest buddy Steve has because seriously do you think he trusts Nick Fury as far as he can throw him?

-because remember, Steve literally can throw Natasha. Like. He threw Natasha into the sky. He can throw her pretty far. That’s real trust, folks.

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