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how 2 get great cleavage: carry a machete

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Badass Trans Women You Should Know: Cecilia Chung.

Cecilia Chung is a senior advisor to the Transgender Law Center, a San Francisco City Health Commissioner, and a member of the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. She was honored last night by the California State Assembly as one of its Women of the Year for her tireless advocacy for trans women’s health access.

Congrats Cecilia!

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MCU Female Leads (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

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Jan. 11, 1935: Amelia Earhart Becomes the First Person to Fly from Hawaii to U.S. Mainland

On this day in 1935, aviator Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo from Honolulu, Hawaii to Oakland, California.

Two years later, Earhart would begin her ill-fated around-the-world flight, disappearing over the Pacific after completing nearly 22, 000 miles of the voyage.

Dive deep into the world of female aviation pioneers, with American Experience’s “Women of Flight” photo gallery.

Photos: Amelia Earhart in Hawaii (

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i wish i loved this less

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Nicki Minaj for all your fairytale princess needs

I need Nicki to be a queen in a fairytale movie

So serious.

i’m pretty sure she needs to be the princess *and* the queen in the same movie.

just. because.

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Some Hag-Knights I promised to scan!

The rough round one’s “Agda” and the Armored one’s “Dominia”, they’re bitter rivals.

If anyone know a story starring veteran warrior ladies let me know btw!


I suddenly have the urge to see a film about a group of retired lady!knights getting together for one last hurrah to slay a dragon the service of their Queen.

Starring Helen Mirren (still at the old task training bright young things, she’s in charge of getting the gang together), Judi Dench (probably missing a limb, but she took up smithing and sculpting as retirement hobbies so she fashioned herself an incredible prosthesis and supplies all their weapons tech), and Penelope Wilton (who has Seen Things and is the most reluctant to rejoin the crew, but the best fighter of them all). Their first act would be to bust Sigourney Weaver out of prison, since she’s a loose canon, but always up for a brawl. She’s being held on suspicion of witchcraft, which she claims is a misunderstanding at a pub resulting from an upset lamp and several kegs of distilled beverages. It’s not her fault no one else ran as fast as she did - why would she have burned down the pub anyway? Their prices were very reasonable.

Nichelle Nichols would obviously be the queen and Octavia Spencer would be her warrior princess daughter who is doubtful about the wisdom of her mother’s plan, but quickly realizes that there’s life in the old girls yet.

Maggie Smith would be the village midwife who is actually a powerful witch, she’s decided to use her powers to lower the maternal/infant mortality rate in the kingdom, but she could put that on hold to slay a dragon.

Frances de la Tour would play the dragon.

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So I decided my new life goal is to become a magical girl viking

Because I love metal. I love metal so much. It’s the music that calms me down the most and I fucking love metal heads. Everything about it is great.

I just also wish I could be super fucking cute while also being a metal head. I mean I do it anyway but imagine if I could do it BETTER. LIKE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! Be super brutal and badass but also super femme and adorable!!

I want to chug beer and smash it then explode into rainbow sparkles and bows and get a cute little outfit with a little skirt and a fur cloak and take my sparkly weapon and go cut off the head of a dragon and write it’s name on my face in it’s own blood and drink some more and giggle adorably and have a talking pet that instructs me and my comrades about our magical powers. That’s what I want out of my life.

Also I might have to draw more of these and by might I MEAN FUCKING YES

I’m glad I decided to refresh tumblr one more time before going to bed.


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Middle English Lady Gunilda which was a huge crossbow that used powerful shot. It later became used for firearms like cannons and muskets. The Germanic woman’s name “Gundahild” , cognate to modern Scandinavian Gunhild, means “war” + “battle maid”.


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