BEHOLD, My over thought Halloween costume! I had a lot of fun with the concept work. 

The Twelfth Doctor! This time the Doctor regenerates into a woman- Still not ginger. We all know Timelords don’t give much thought to gender, so the only issue he finds with this is a matter of acquiring roughly seven sports bras. It’s awfully hard to run with the damn things jiggling all over.

I don’t think the Doctor would suddenly take a liking to pink because he was a woman, but I had to work with what my friends already affectionately called my “Doctor outfit”, and went from there. Like Ten relates to four and Eleven is like Two, Twelve is a lot like Seven. Bumbling, empathetic, and not above keeping secrets.

As for Maggie: She’s the sort of companion who sees he Doctor at work and insists on coming with him, invitation or not.  The Doctor goes around saving people and fighting the good fight etc. And Maggie couldn’t be a soldier and fight for her country during World War II, cause she’s a woman and they’d only let her, do necessary but non-fighting, with the Doctor she also gets to be the one saving people. She looks like she finds the Doctor ridiculously incapable of taking care of hirself, but at least ze’s entertaining.

Oh my GOD what a fantastic idea for the 12th Doctor. The drawing of her with all the sports bras on just ajhdjsahdsakdhaskdas

And adorable costume!!! :D  Have fun todaaay, even if it’s just going to the bar.

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    More of my Twelve before real Twelve! I wish I could get my face out of the photo set since I imagine this twelve...
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    It can be a thing if we all want it to be!
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    I told you that you were the Doctor! I TOLD YOU Your art and your photos turned out amazing. I so wish this was a thing....
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    I’d want to do a fanart too. *grabby hands* This is so beautiful! 8D
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    Egris is it wrong of me to fan fanart of this? Delicious fanart?
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