a.k.a. a few thoughts I had the fourth and siiiixth? time I saw this movie

a.k.a. why I love the designers of these films

You get kind of my train-of-thought on this but honestly when do you not.

Okay so we’re going to start with THE SHIELD LOGOS.

(Heheh I’ve been playing around with my tablet a little, too.)

The logo on the left is from The Incredible Hulk movie, when SHIELD is scanning the internet for “Mr. Blue” and “Mr. Green”. The version on the right is from a promo image for Avengers. I think it’s really interesting that they slicked it up a bunch, and I honestly have no idea how old the logo on the left might be, pre-2008-Hulk. One of the reasons I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is one, duh, their obsessive eye for design detail, but also the fact that they’ve managed to tech things up over and over again (while still managing to keep Thor very magical and so forth) and it’s just sooo right up my alley.

But anyway, SHIELD’s been around since the 40’s, right, with Captain America and Howard Stark? I can’t remember if they mention it explicitly in the film, but we know from Howard’s appearance in Iron Man 2, from Fury’s and Coulson’s comments, that Howard did work for SHIELD. Well, and, Avengers obvs, they have all the old HYDRA tech.

I don’t think it’s necessarily important, but the eagle head turns from left-facing to right-facing, and I think it’s interesting that by modernizing the logo they stripped it down and removed a lot of the “old governmental feel” with the crest decorations, removing the eagle’s talons, etc. It feels a lot more like a spy organization.

Interesting, they did something similar with Tony’s screens and such, dropping the Apple monitors for fake glass monitors or just straight up holo-imaging. Interestingly, the SHIELD helicarrier in Avengers uses this too, although not all the monitors? Because we see people sitting at the monitor banks, theoretically controlling and monitoring important helicarrier stats (and playing Galaga). (Although, regardless of their glass-ness or not, they certainly seem less translucent than Fury’s and Hill’s stations.)

I really enjoy how they laid out the control bridge of the Helicarrier, it’s very open and feels different than other “bridges” from other sci-fis, and I can’t help but think it feels kinda retro-dieselpunky (god I hate that word) like Captain America’s flying wing (lol Raiders) or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow? Anyone drinking my kool-aid on this one? Anyway, there’s a lot of interesting spatial dynamics going on in that whole room (fuck, the whole helicarrier) and I love it.

Okay so DOOP DOOP I’m sitting in the theater (the fifth time? with my grandma? I guess I was wrong on the “fourth” time before) and I noticed something.

Yeah so I kinda freaked out, because the first time in I had already noticed the interesting arrangement of staff seating, but I didn’t see the head until the fifth or so viewing, and I don’t think there’s any good payoff shot (of the whole set floor layout) until this one toward the end.

ALRIGHT SO WITH THAT IN MIND I saw it a few more times and I’m paying less and less attention to the characters and the story (as you do), and I’m sitting on the flight back out to school and justHOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK

Which I feel terrible it took me ALL SUMMER TO NOTICE because the fucking skyscraper was ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS I FELL IN LOVE WITH WHEN I SAW AVENGERS THE FIRST TIME, IT’S ONE OF THE ESTABLISHING SCENES, and I was all up in my architecture-feels and when the “RK” went down and later the “S” I was like “FUCK I KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING” and STEVE THOUGHT IT WAS TACKY and I’m just like SHUT UP STEVE WITH YOUR 1940s VIEW ON MODERN ARCHITECTURE, YOU MISSED LIKE ALL MY FAVORITE PARTS OF MODERNISM LIKE GOOGIE AND SHIT and I’m defending this tower and I kinda hate it on the NY skyline but on it’s own HOT DAMN it’s fine, it’s got a landing pad and talk about those top penthouse floors and all that glass beauty and did I mention (I haven’t, I don’t think) the cross-sections kinda look like Tony’s helmet viewed from the side and ALSO this angle CONVIENTLY SHOOTS TONY AND THE MISSILE RIGHT INTO THE PORTAL and just


This building, man

[EDIT: Apologies, watched IM2 again tonight and noticed something relevant, had to post. So I’m watching it and I noticed Nat’s shoulder crest is the same as in Incredible Hulk, despite the two year movie lapse. Same goes for all the SHIELD tech later with Fury and Tony.

So I’m thinking, okay, that’s interesting that it’s the same as a movie that sort of took place two years earlier. But then you know what? Fury says “we’d only like to use you as a consultant.” Despite the fact that we saw Tony visit General Ross’ bar in 2008, it didn’t actually happen two years before the events of Iron Man 2.

So I sought out Marvel’s official timeline, and, as I suspected, the end of Incredible Hulk and the end of IM2 overlap in “Fury’s Big Week”. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE WE SEE ON THAT TIMELINE?

Fury’s Big Week, Day Six:





did I call it or did I call it]

[EDIT2: Since we’re watching Thor I had to cross-check:

yeah we’re all good here. Marvel’s got their shit together.]

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