Turns out the Easter Island heads have bodies, too! Archeologists discovered bodies beneath the 887 stoic faces after 12 years excavating and studying the statues.

“They’re buried up to mid-torso level. So it’s understandable that the general public didn’t have a clue that those statues had bodies,” Jo Anne Van Tilburg, director of the Easter Island Statue Project, told Fox News this week.

While experts have known for some time that much of the stone figures has been partially buried due to centuries of exposure to the elements, “this is the first time that one has been excavated in such a way that the documentation was complete and scientific,” said Van Tilburg.

Actually, it’s pretty easy to see they have bodies (look for images of the statues in lines on a platform, it’s pretty common), they are just called “heads” because of the way their heads dominate the sculpture in size, as well as some being buried (apparently by natural processes and not intentionally?).

However, I am pretty certain that bottom left picture is from Thor Heyerdahl’s excavation, who was not terribly academic in his research and is rather disliked in Pacific native history circles. I do think that specific sculpture is also one of the larger ones, if I am remembering correctly, and not typical of their sizes.

(Also-also, if you are interested in Rapa Nui, there is the book Collapse, and its counter-argument The Statues That Walked, which is based on more recent archaeological studies (past decade-ish).)

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Source: thedailyfeed
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