Etsy is sponsoring $5000 scholarships to women for a programming school in NYC this summer (June through August). As I understand it there is no tuition so it would help (completely?) cover living expenses. I would love to go but you have to already know some programming

Passing this on because I was five seconds from seriously considering applying but I don’t have any programming experience, all I can write is oldballs HTML :( 

PLEASE pass this on to tech ladies! It sounds exciting! And I know there are some engineers out there that I follow/follow me! 

(Also, woah etsy, approx. 20 women out of hundreds of hires? I mean I realize computer engineering is lower percantagewise than other departments in terms of numbers of women, but damn, that is a dearth! And I thought it was bad lingering around 10-12% in civil engineering. [Not blaming etsy, btw, just comparing numbers])

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