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So I went out with two guys from my undergrad who were within my social circle (LOL BAND!) but were more acquaintances than close friends. I blame my own social awkwardness, BUT I mean they…

Wow, and I thought I went all out. Totes had my husband drench me in fake blood last year for my Killer Unicorn costume and he got all dressed up in a nice suit and had his gas mask on, and we were way overdressed for our party :<


I’m always overdressed. My house is overdressed… I’ve had “the halloween party” for the past three years and I am planning to host next year’s except for the fact that apparently downtown Honolulu like SHUTS DOWN and it’s basically a HUGE block party? So I am excited.

Three years ago I was Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and built a cave in our spare closet, and then two years ago I repurposed all my decorations in the new house and I built a puppetteerable Medusa headpiece (although it didn’t work as originally planned so I need to revamp it a little somehow, still looking for a good solution). Last Halloween I had a whole Portal-2-themed party in “retro Aperture” and I built a 40’s-industrial-“Quantum Tunneling Device”-backpack. Unfortunately it all kind of fell apart at the last minute but if I go home this summer I am recreating the whole event so I can take proper pictures and get that pack WORKING AS IT SHOULD HAVE!

It turns out flashlight internal circuits are not as simple as they might have you think.

I still think The Joker was one of my favorite costumes though… no one recognized me, and I did it all with thrift store stuff and a little ingenuity! 

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